Balloons Over Carroll County Maryland in August
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August 29, 2021
Location: Carroll County Agriculture Center
706 Agriculture Center Drive, Westminster, MD 21157

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5K Run/Walk Website Overview

RUNNERS and Walkers get READY for the '5K RUN/WALK AMONG BALLOONS' planned for Sunday Morning.

Sign Up for the race will be on-line by April 1st

All details of your participation will be available on the Sign-Up form.

On the Day of the Race: Registration will begin 6:30AM
Run/Walk will begin 8AM

So what is the story with Pokey the Hot Air Balloon? Pokey will be a part of the fun during the 5K Run and wants to participate in the RUN. More info later...

We are drawing on the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster for their experience in producing a 5K Run/Walk previously and for their ability to supply the resources for conducting a safe and well organized event.

Details to follow.

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